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Hospital Standard Pricing

Hospital Standard Pricing

Othello Community Hospital's Chargemaster is a list of billable services and items to a patient or patient's health insurance provider.  We are required to post these charges to meet Federal requirements, as mandated by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS); we encourage patients to contact our Billing Office with any questions at 509-488-2636.

This Chargemaster contains industry specific language and coding that can make it confusing to understand, and does not accurately reflect or provide individual health insurance fee allowances or actual patient out-of-pocket costs.

An estimate of charges can be made available to you upon request.  Please note that an estimate does not include any unforeseen services, healthcare needs.

Should you have questions about your bill, an issue paying your bill, need financial assistance, or setting up a payment plan, please contact the Billing Office at 509-488-2636.